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Which plot shall we do?

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Group Building Exercise!!  I_vote_lcap25%Group Building Exercise!!  I_vote_rcap 25% 
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Group Building Exercise!!  Empty Group Building Exercise!!

Post by Mukuro on Wed Apr 01, 2015 1:21 pm

You feel the power rushing through you. The smell of the fresh green grass embraces you. Suddenly you are surrounded by little trolls - similar to what you saw when you watched Disney's Frozen! Out of their mists comes a tall woman, her hair the color of rich earth and her eyes the color of mahogany. 

"Welcome! This is Technicolor Dreams first Group Building Exercise! A roleplay hosted by your one and only Administrator Mukuro!" the woman exclaims, clapping her hands together. 

Motioning to the others who you suddenly notice the woman begins her pitch. "We need to choose a theme for this trimonthly game!"  Then in a flurry of clothes she points to the ground in front of you. Each pebble represents a plot and it is up to you to choose which plot you think the site will benefit from. Participation is not mandatory but it is STRONGLY encouraged. There will be prizes for those who, each year, participate in the most whole-site group roleplays!" 

Here's the gist. I am counting on you guys to see this and vote! If you don't I will chose one of the plots and post it. Then I will send out a mass message explaining the point and premise. These massive games are only every three months IF the one previous is completed. They are rather short and I will be open all the time for plots. If your plot is featured you will receive art! 

As art is currency.

So please, read this and vote in the damn poll.  The Game Starts This Weekend!

Brief Plot Synopsis: 

The Chosen One.
The Chosen One sacrifices their blood and fights for the honor of their people. They are scarred and unrecognizable from the sweet innocent individual they were in the beginning. One day they stumble onto someone they knew from their past before they where The Chosen One and this girl starts to warm up to them and lead them down the path of regaining their humanity. However, the commanders are rather unsure of how to deal with the girl from The Chosen One's past. 

For Peace Not Love. 
For the Peace of the Land a young dragon prince an a naga prince must marry. However, how will they interact? Will the naga prince fall for the young commander Kitone or his personal guard Yume? What is Yume secret?

Amber Waves.
A young human girl is kidnapped by the Queen of the Unseelie. How will she escape? What friends will she make?  Will she choose to stay with the Queen or return to her world. 

Technicolor Dreams Adminstration

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Group Building Exercise!!  Empty Re: Group Building Exercise!!

Post by Darknessonthesoulx on Sat Apr 04, 2015 3:18 pm

I'm having difficulties, but I vote in favour of The Chosen One.

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