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Post by Mukuro on Thu Apr 09, 2015 10:33 am


  1. Out of character conversations must be held in the correct forum. You may create your own out of character thread or you can post in a preexisting one as long as it stays on topic. 
  2. You may play a character of your own design. In fact, this is encouraged! However, if the plot you are playing based on this games calls for more characters please, for all intents and purposes, play more characters. If they are just supporting characters they do not need to be added to the approved character roster. However, if they are a major player they must be posted in the approved character roster (ARC). 
  3. Characters will be needed for all three sides. 
  4. Character death is encouraged. 
  5. You may play more than one character! 
  6. When posting in the main thread there is a three paragraph minimum. However, for threads created by the players the game creator may set the post minimum. 
  7. With this plot there are more than a million different subplots that could be going on. You are encouraged to create characters for these subplots! 
  8. Please post your subplot in the subplot roster (SR). 
  9. All sexual activities past stripping (with no detail) must be put into PM. You may post a summary later or just leave it up to the other players imagination. 
  10. Have Fun! Smile 

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