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Post by Mukuro on Thu Apr 09, 2015 10:38 am

The Chosen One

"When the moon is dark I dream." a soft voice whispered from the darkness surrounding Alexa's tent. "I dream of a time before The Empire, before The Revolution. You are to young to remember but I remember." 
"Remember what Grandmother Ele?" 
"A time when all people where equal and all were free. That time has ended and it will never come again." she whispered as she looked out over the desolate tent that she and her young granddaughter were forced to share. "The world will never be the same. And I guess, that is true for all the generations of this earth. Nothing is ever the same from one year to the next." 
"Grandmother Ele that can't be true!"
"It is true my child...and as you grow up it will remain true." 

This is what The Chosen One heard one night as they walked between the tents.

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