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Post by Mukuro on Thu Apr 09, 2015 10:44 am

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are The Revolutionaries? The revolutionaries are the armies of The Chosen One. They are also the main tribes helping to fight of the grown of The Empire. 
  • What is wrong with The Empire? The Empire is a growing force that seeks to dominate the known world. They are ruled by the Empress and her Consort. The reason why The Revolutionaries are against this is because for eons the Tribes have lived in peace and freedom. But the Empress is from an island nation and has set about conquering all she can to prove that her rule is better than freedom. It is rather unknown what her true motivations are.
  • Who is The Chosen One? Right now? I have no clue, no one has claimed this character.
  • What is The Neutral Alliance?  The Neutral Alliance is a group of states that will not support either side. They are strong enough to maintain their freedom from the Empire through diplomatic means and they refuse to join The Revolutionaries as they do not see how they are different than The Empress. 


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