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Post by Mukuro on Fri Mar 20, 2015 1:15 pm


The rules are broken down into three categories, however if one rule is specified under one category, it is valid through the entire site. The categories are simply for organization.


- Be respectful. Think before you post. 
- If you are having trouble with a user, contact a moderator by PM and we will help you sort things out. Keep it respectful. 
- No harassment, no picking fights, no abuse. If you know something you are going to say or have said is going to trigger something, don’t post it. We take harassment very seriously. 
- If you are going to be gone for an extended time, feel free to make a thread about your absence, but do not create an “I’m Leaving” thread. If you are leaving, just go. 
- Don’t be a fake. Don’t take credit for work or images that are not you or yours. 
- All rules apply to avatar and signature content. 
- If you have been banned or suspended for any reason, you are forbidden to make a second account. If you do, that account will be immediately permanently banned. 


- Please post in the appropriate subcategory. If you are unsure where to post, or have posted in the wrong place, message a moderator or an admin and they can help you out.
- Age laws apply. Users under 16 should not become involved (romantically, physically) with users over 18, and vice versa.
- Posting pornographic images or links to pornographic images is strictly prohibited.
- Posting suggestive images depicting users under the age of 16 is strictly prohibited. 
- Do not link to inappropriate sites or photos. If the website you are leading to breaks any of the rules listed here, do not post it. 
- You are more than welcome to be affectionate with your friends, but keep in mind other users. “Cybering” is not allowed, no descriptions of removing clothing sexually, sexual activity, etc.
-Threadromancy is not permitted. That is posting in dead threads with posts that are not relevant or make no addition to the topic at all. Perfect examples are "That's good" or "Cool" after the conversation has ended. These serve no purpose but to clutter the sections the thread is posted in. 

Role Playing

- Age laws apply for characters in roleplays. Characters under 16 should not become involved (romantically, physically) with characters over 18, or vice versa.
- Posting suggestive images depicting characters under the age of 16 is strictly prohibited.
- Describing sex or sexual activities (this includes, but is not limited to, intercourse, oral sex), is strictly prohibited.
- Describing sexually nude scenes (this includes becoming nude). If you wish to take it beyond that, take it to PM.
- Posts or role plays about incest will be immediately deleted and the user(s) involved will be suspended for one week.
- Posts or role plays about rape or any other non-consensual activity will be immediately deleted and the user(s) involved will be suspended for one week.

Warning and banning process - What to expect if you break the rules

First offence - A one week suspension. Your account will be suspended for one week.

Second offence - A month suspension. Your account will be suspended for one month.
Final offence - Permanent banning. You will not be allowed back on the site.

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