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Hey everybody! Empty Hey everybody!

Post by guardianangel on Tue Jun 23, 2015 9:56 pm

Hello everybody and welcome to Technicolor Dreams.

I am Guardianangel. Although you may also know me as ~Kit-Kat~ from both of the old sites, in which I have been a member of. I figured that perhaps it was time to post something in one of these sections considering they were created.... alas there was something posted here at all. 

I was just recently named an Admin, so if there are any problems please feel free to contact me if you have any problems. All messages that I receive her on Technicolor Dreams are sent to my email, or feel free to email me directly. So now that I have briefly explained all of this, how about I tell you a bit about myself.


You can call me: Angel, Guardian, Kit (if you knew me as that from the old sites)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Location: Minnesota, United States of America
Job Information: Currently I work at Subway. As of right now I work 6 days a week, typically 10 to 7. Although there are the occasional 11 to 2, 11 to 7, or even 5 to 9. So naturally during those times I will not be near a computer, despite the fact that I am always signed in.
Contact: You can contact me via Technicolor Dreams through private message. Or you can contact me directly through my email. But if you choose that option, please let me know your user name so that I know who is messaging me.

I think that is about all there is to know about me.... well that is important. Now I guess I could just include some random facts for you.

Random information:
I have ADHD and ODD.
I absolutely adore cats, having two of them. Cali and Gypsy.
I worked as a in home nanny for two years for my aunt and uncle. I view my cousin for as a baby sister than a cousin.
Pretty shy in person, especially around new people.
Have a strong dislike of big dogs.
Terrified of spiders, the dark, and thunder.
Enjoy listening to music.
Enjoy playing video games, more of a handheld gaming system person. Nintendo 3DS is my favorite right now.

Technicolor Dream Administration

Hey everybody! Sucker_punch_anime_signature_by_holophrasic-d572ytb
Teach me how to fight 
I'll show you how to win 
You're my mortal flaw 
And I'm your fatal sin 
Let me feel the sting 
The pain 
The burn 
Under my skin 
Put me to the test 
I'll prove that I'm strong 
Won't let myself believe 
That what we feel is wrong 
I Finally see what 
You knew was inside me 
All along 
That behind this soft exterior 
Lies a warrior

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