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Post by Mukuro on Sun Mar 22, 2015 12:41 am

1. What is this forum about? This forum is about roleplaying in all it's beauty, glory, and in it's pain and sadness as well. We are a growing community and we are all tied together.

2. What happened to Dollwizard and Dollwizard 2.0? The original dollwizard was abandoned by it's creators at some point in time (before I, Admin, joined) and one day it just quit working as the lease was up on the site. The creators of Dollwizard 2.0 formed the new group but life pressed on and they abandoned the site shortly after creating it. Technicolor Dreams was created by users of the original Dollwizard and members of Dollwizard 2.0 to create a stronger community based around roleplaying and communication.

3. Can I join?  Yes! However, we do have an age limit. I honestly forget how old I set to join but I know it was above 13. I'm forgetful after all.

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