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Singles and Doubles PLOT ideas! Empty Singles and Doubles PLOT ideas!

Post by Hachiko on Fri May 08, 2015 4:47 am

I have some individual plot idea I jacked from tumblr xDD lololol So I'm letting y'all know right now, THEY AREN'T MINE. I have tweaked some of the ideas too.

P L O T O N E: Luck Runs Out
**Singles OR Doubles

Muse A and Muse B have fifty dollars left to their names. Rent is due tomorrow and their landlord has long grown tired of accepting payments weeks after they are due, or in bits and pieces. They are given an ultimatum. Make the full payment tomorrow or be evicted. The pair run through the gamut of possible options to put together the necessary cash. In a final moment of desperation they go to the casino and bet their last fifty dollars on a single hand of blackjack. Fortune smiles down upon them and they begin to win, hand and hand again. Muse A tries their best to convince Muse B to quit while they are ahead, but the pure luck and complementary drinks has Muse B outright refusing. Instead of the underdog takes the house success story they had been hoping for, after a few lucky hands of blackjack, the muses fall victim to overconfidence and lose it all.

Desperate once more, they wander the casino floor and end up watching a high stakes poker game from the sidelines. One man in particular has cleaned out the other players at the table and makes his way to cash out. Muse B only has to shoot a fleeting glance at Muse A, and Muse A knows exactly what they are thinking - follow the man out of the casino, and rob him before he gets into his car. Muse A would normally protest anything illegal, but at this point they are on board. The plan goes off without a hitch. The man forks over nearly twenty thousand dollars cash, warning the pair that he will find them no matter what, recover the money and kill them both. High on adrenaline, Muse A and Muse B write off his promise as any empty threat and head out for a few drinks across town to celebrate. In the bar they overhear a conversation taking place about a man who had just been robbed at the casino for twenty grand. Only then do they discover that it wasn't just some out of town, middle aged businessman they stole from, but a powerful underboss in the local mob.

O P T I O N S:

-Muse A and Muse B can strictly be room mates and they find their love interest on the way.

-Muse A and Muse B are actually amateur hustlers who are in a street gang.

-Muse A and Muse B also live with Muse C and Muse D (can be added in the plot somehow)

P L O T T W O: Spring Break Nightmare


While on spring break with some friends, partying in your hotel room, you notice that the booze has run out. No one wants to make the run, but somehow you end up stuck with the errand. You take the car and head out in search of a liquor store. Every one near the hotel is closed. You’re miles away from anything that looks vaguely familiar and you’re about to give up and go back to the hotel empty-handed, until you spot a liquor store that appears to be open. You head inside and grab what you need, handing your cash over to the cashier. There’s something odd about him/her but you try to ignore it. While he/she’s making change for you, you hear a strange noise coming from the back of the store. The cashier gives you an odd look, shoving the change into your hands, and tries to rush you off. In his/her haste, some coins slip through your fingers and roll onto the floor. You stoop down to pick the coins up and you notice a small, red spot on the floor. Then another, and another. An ominous trail leads toward the back of the store, where you thought you heard something before. Fear floods your veins when you realize what the spots are. Blood. And it’s fresh.

What will you do?...

Act like everything is cool and go on with your way? Maybe tell your friends, get some help? Call the police?


Will you meddle in their business on your own with a chance to get yourself killed?

P L O T  T H R E E: From Time

**Made for a singles rp-if you have any ideas to make this a doubles rp, let me know!

At your ten year high school reunion, you come across many old friends. Maybe even a long lost love? Muse A is living a hum drum life working the nine to five, while Muse B has spent their years traveling the world. The two were close in high school, but lost touch shortly after graduation. Muse B spent most of their time thinking about Muse A, wishing they were by their side. What’s to happen when the two meet again?

O P T I O N S:

-Muse A and B try to rekindle their relationship.

-Muse A and Muse B were just really good friends in high school and reconnect.

-Muse A and Muse B were former lovers and now have new romantic interests (POSSIBILITY-Muse C and Muse D)

P L O T  F O U R: B a d Teacher

**Singles rp-if you have a doubles idea, let me know!

Muse A and Muse B meet one night at the carnival that comes to town every year before school starts. They hit it off well—maybe they kiss, maybe more. They exchange numbers and agree to go out sometime—there was undeniable chemistry that they both wanted to explore. All of that comes crashing down when Muse A, who is a senior in high school, walks into class on the first day and finds Muse B sitting behind the teachers desk. How will they cope with the discovery that a relationship would be illegal? Will Muse B break it off before it goes any farther? Will Muse A be disgusted and beg to switch classes? Or will they work something out, both knowing that, if caught, Muse B will lose their job, and Muse A will be expelled—or worse?

O P T I O N S:

-maybe for a doubles rp, like Muse C is Muse A's best friend in high school and is interested in Muse D which can stem from a different plot, idk


**Singles, but willing to make it a double

Muse A and Muse B were in a tumultuous relationship years ago. It was full of lust and desire, but the young lovers had a tendency for hot-tempered, vicious arguments. They broke up mutually and moved on, realizing that the situation was never going to give way to something healthy, but neither truly got over the other. Even though Muse A and Muse B are both in loving, stable relationships in the present time, it lacks the fervor of the connection they had with each other, and thoughts constantly wander to their old flame, wishing their new relationship had that same passion. Late one night, Muse B picks up the phone and dials Muse A, simply wanting to hear their voice. Muse A is shocked and hesitant to speak with Muse B considering their significant other is sleeping in bed in the next room, but is unable to hang up, emotions running high. The calls continue nightly in secret. After several conversations, both agree they need closure to move on, and decide to meet in person.

P L O T  S I X: Dear Soldier,
**Singles, possibly doubles

Muse A picks up the name and general address of a serviceman through a local charity program providing support for deployed troops, Muse B, who is stationed overseas. Muse A send a care package and a letter, but doesn’t really expect to hear back from Muse B. Weeks pass, Muse A forgets, and then in their mailbox they find an envelope from Muse B.

It goes from there, and sooner or later, Muse B, becomes, to Muse A, their "pen pal". Letter writing leads to phone calls, phone calls lead to skype sessions, weeks folding into months. Muse B excitedly let’s Muse A know they’ll be coming home, and now they face the decision, will they meet?

O P T I O N S:

-Muse A already has a significant other but is a heavy supporter of the military due to family ties, etc. and starts to fall for Muse B or vice versa!
---**Muse A's and Muse B's relationship is strictly platonic (boring lol).

P L O T  S E V E N: The Tracks

Muse A and Muse B are part of a tight-knit group of friends who are daredevils. Every Friday night the group gets together in search of their next big thrill. Their favorite pastime is partying on the train tracks on the border of their humble town. There’s nothing quite like the rush of feeling the hard, metal tracks vibrate underneath them as the train comes barreling around the bend. Sometimes they run alongside the train as it rushes by and jump on, hitching a ride to the next town over. Sometimes they climb to the top of the train and jump off into the town’s reservoir for a late night swim. One night, the gang’s party unexpectedly gets broken up by the cops and everyone scatters.Muse A and Muse B head off in the same direction, but Muse A is the one who gets nabbed. It turns out that the police have been monitoring the tracks following reports of delinquent behavior in the last month. As hard as they push Muse A to identify their friends, Muse A refuses to cooperate and they end up taking the fall alone. Muse A is sentenced to a short term in jail and Muse B is the only friend that takes the risk to visit. Muse A and Muse B’s bond grows exponentially over the course of the sentence, developing into something deeper than friendship. 

That's all I can think of for now. So, like, just PM me or post here.


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